Elie Nesrallah: Born and raised in Ottawa, I could easily tell you that I know this city inside and out. Having moved a total of 7 times before hitting the age of 13, I really do know the struggle and hard work that is required in order to buy a home or to move to a new one. My goal is to provide exceptional Customer Service to my clients and to ensure every deal is as stress-free as possible. The Real Estate industry is a fast paced & constantly growing environment and keeping up to date with the market is key to achieving success. I am very tech savvy which is an advantage for my clients because of the advancement in technology within the real estate industry. For every successful negotiation, there needs to be a compromise from both parties in order to understand the reason behind it. Excellent communication skills and great networking strategies help bring forth a successful negotiation which is what I strive for. My clients come first and I do that by keeping myself accessible to them, listening to their needs, understanding the market, communicating my message effectively and responding quickly to changes or new demands. There are many services that a Realtor® can offer his clients and I am consistently working on expanding my range in order to provide my clients superior service.